Petition FAQs

What is the Petition to EPA to Phase Out Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Pollution?

Who are the Petitioners?

What are we asking EPA to do? What will its impacts be?

What specific measures does this Petition propose?

What is the legal basis for this Petition?

Is EPA required to act?

Are GHGs even covered by TSCA?

What about the carbon dioxide and other GHGs that have built up in the atmosphere from decades of fossil fuel burning and other industrial activity?

How can you clean up the atmosphere? Does the Petition demand specific methods of carbon capture or geoengineering?

Can EPA just impose an immediate phaseout?

How will you ensure equity, so that the burdens of the phaseout do not fall on the least powerful?

Will this result in higher gas and energy prices? We are still dependent on fossil fuels.

Could a future administration simply reverse any EPA rules?

Won’t the fossil fuel industry complain that this is all a bit too tough?

More Petition Resources

Visit our campaign page to learn more about our Petition to EPA to Phase Out Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Pollution and our Campaign to Restore Our Climate.

Watch our July 8, 2022 webinar on the Impact of West v EPA, CPR Initiative’s Petition to Phase Out GHG Pollution: What’s The Supreme Court Got to Do With It?

Read more about CPR Initiative’s Petition in the News. We’ve gotten the attention of journalists at major media outlets, such as, The Washington Post and The Guardian.

Listen to Climate Emergency Forum’s July 6, 2022 interview of CPR Initiative General Counsel & Executive Director Dan Galpern, WV v EPA – How Much Law Remains?

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Will you help us make this happen?

Endorse the Petition &
Sponsor the Campaign:


Will you help us make this happen?