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Dan Galpern & Sarah Mead

Suing the B@stards

On today’s program we have with us attorneys Dan Galpern and Sarah Mead over-viewing for us the opportunities for taking action on climate change by bringing both corporations and governments to court. Please share this program with any attorneys you know, especially the ones who have children. They would be the most likely to take such legal actions since it is their children’s world that is being stolen from them by a destructive alliance of politics and money.


Making the Carbon Majors Pay for Climate Action

Dr. James Hansen and his legal advisor, Daniel Galpern, Esq., discuss making the fossil fuel companies, the ‘Carbon Majors’, pay for the damage they have done to society, not only in terms of climate change and all of its impacts, but also health impacts. This Climate Matters show, videotaped at COP-23 in Bonn, Germany, furthers the idea that the polluters must pay for the damage their pollution causes.

James Hansen & Daniel Galpern

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