9/8/2022 Virtual Rally: Allied Organizations in Support of Petition to Phase Out GHG Pollution


Petition to EPA to Phase Out GHG Pollution:

Is it still needed after the Schumer/Manchin “Inflation Reduction Act”?

Is it still possible after the Supreme Court’s ruling in West Virginia v EPA?

September 8, 2022

4:30-5PM PDT
7:30-8PM EDT

A special event for allied organizations and Citizens’ Climate Lobby Chapters in support of CPR Initiative Petition to Phase Out Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Pollution to Restore a Stable and Healthy Climate. Visit our Campaign page here.↗

Climate Protection and Restoration Initiative (CPR Initiative) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to protecting and restoring a viable climate system, starting with a phase out of greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution.

The clean energy investments in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) are an important step forward, but we know well that far more is needed to ensure a sustainable future. Our citizens’ petition to EPA is more important than ever. Together, we must demand a phase out of GHG pollution without further delay. Get the FAQs on the Petition here.↗

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (USA), as well as Citizens’ Climate International, and Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada, have already endorsed the Petition, as well as dozens of other organizations across the US. See who has endorsed and sponsored here.↗

Renowned climate scientist, James E. Hansen, is a Lead Petitioner, while Cathy Orlando, Director of Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada, is a key sponsor. Learn about CPR Initiative’s leadership here.↗

This event is free, but limited to 500 participants, so registration is strongly encouraged. The Event Zoom Link will be provided in the registration confirmation email.

Thank you to Endorsers of the Petition & Sponsors of the Campaign

Meet The Speakers

Dan Galpern

General Counsel & Executive Director of CPR Initiative. An environmental attorney and policy analyst based in Eugene, OR. Dan has, since 2011, served as legal and policy adviser to climate scientist James E. Hansen – including with respect to administrative, criminal and civil state and federal actions in over 10 US states, Colombia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Uganda & the UK. Dan is co-author of Making the Fossil Fuel Industry Pay to Restore a Viable Climate (2014) and currently represents all petitioners in their Petition to EPA to Phase Out GHG Pollution.

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Cathy Orlando

As Program Director of Citizens’ Climate International, Cathy directs programs that support volunteers in over 75 countries to build political will for a climate safe future. Cathy has been lobbying the Canadian Parliament since 2010, and the US Congress, the World Bank and IMF since 2011. She has been an observer at the IPCC, G7, G20 and UNFCCC COPs since 2017. Cathy joined the CPR Initiative Board of Directors in February 2022.

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