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Certain states of affairs are beyond our control. Sartre impressively labeled the category “coefficients of adversity.” But many challenges that seem insurmountable are really capable of resolution, if we tackle them with courage and determination.

That is true even of big things, like global warming  – unless, that is, we delay past major tipping points of no return.1

I learned only in late August that several of the fine folks at Outrider USA had been hit by Covid-19 and that, in consequence, delivery of my “build” – the recumbent trike with a powerful electric assist that I’d counted on to commence my Road to the White House No-Excuses Tour – would be delayed.2 That meant that I couldn’t count on any shipper getting it to me in time. 

I determined, therefore, that I had better go collect it myself. Fortuitously, in June I had parked my 1998 Toyota Sienna van in front of my brother’s house in New Jersey  – then in anticipation of using it to return to Oregon following the No-Excuses Tour. So, making due, I flew over the weekend to New Jersey to collect the Sienna, and drove the 650 miles, past Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and through Northern Virginia. Brilliant sun, not a cloud in the sky – a calm following Ida, the storm.

And then, to North Carolina.

The Alpha Trike, by Outrider USA

Today I spent the day with the Outrider folks getting the Alpha set for me, that is, my height and weight; taking a road test; refining the canopy placement; and, most important, attempting to absorb a full tutorial on the machine from Tommy (Outrider’s owner) – including what to do in the event of an on-road breakdown.

So, the machine is with me now, well, safely ensconced in the van (I trust) as I write these words. Tomorrow I pursue the first of three 12+ hours/ day of driving to get back to Eugene in time for a couple of days of training. And then, on September 14th, the No-Excuses Tour Kick-off event (to which you and your friends are hereby cordially invited!).

Meanwhile, generosity unfolds. Several members of the CPR Initiative Board have elected to sponsor the No-Excuses Tour. Also, some old friends and colleagues. And today, an entirely new supporter arose with a pledge and an idea: Persons capable of making Gold-level contributions might stake a claim to Sponsor the Tour through one or other entire state. A very good idea indeed. It is thus that Richard Michaux – who once road a bike across the nation to raise funds to cure PKU disorder – is now the No-Excuses Tour Gold-Level Sponsor for the State of Oregon. Thank you, Dick!

Will we soon find an Idaho Gold-Level Sponsor, a Utah-Gold Sponsor, and so on? 

[See the No-Excuses Tour route and full list of waypoints]

Most important, here we seek to honor ALL of our No-Excuses Tour sponsors, at every level. So thank you also to Donn, and John, and Roger, Linda, Nelson, Arline, Judith, Robert, Warren, Lisa, Shiloh, Abigail, Cyndy, John, Ute, Daphne, Georgia, Kathy, Elaine, Jennifer, Antonia, Michel, Lauren, and Dave. Please see our Page in Appreciation (which we will regularly update).

Indeed, let’s keep it rolling – because your support today will resonate in our work tomorrow. In advocating for a rising carbon fee without delay. In pressing to force fossil fuel polluters to pay to clean up their mess. In working to restore and protect a viable climate system on which our children of necessity will depend.

1 See, e.g., Hansen, J., 2008: Tipping point: Perspective of a climatologist. In State of the Wild 2008-2009: A Global Portrait of Wildlife, Wildlands, and Oceans. E. Fearn, Ed. Wildlife Conservation Society/Island Press, pp. 6-15, at

2 I should add, most importantly, that they all recovered well!